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Infographics have multiplied across the Internet in the past couple of years as web publishers look for creative ways to attract readers. These eye-catching graphics can also serve as a great teaching tool to discuss the fundamentals of effective business communication. Have students review one or more infographics and analyze them according to these criteria:

  • Do they have enough audience-centered appeal to be noticed amid all the clutter online?
  • Do they provide practical information?
  • Do they give facts rather than vague impressions?
  • Do they present information in a concise, efficient manner?
  • Can readers grasp a unified idea rather than a collection of discrete data points?
  • Is visual design used with purpose, in a way that enhances understanding (rather than simply decorating the document)?
  • Is an infographic the best choice for communicating this particular information?

The graphic design firm Column Five offers dozens of examples of the infographics it has designed for clients. Here are six in particular that have a business focus appropriate for class discussion:

If you use infographics for class discussions, please share your experiences.


Image: Column Five