Free Resources to Enhance Your Business Communication Course

As the new term gets under way, we invite you to use all the free Bovée and Thill resources now available online.

Media Curation Services

Bovée & Thill’s Online Magazines for Business Communication on collect useful and interesting media items in a variety of subject areas:

Videos and Presentations

The Bovée & Thill's YouTube Channel offers videos with advice on teaching the new elements of business communication.

We also offer a variety of videos and PowerPoint presentations on SlideShare.

You'll find more than 900 infographics, videos, articles, podcasts, and PowerPoints on Pinterest.

Additional Resources

Vital Bookmarks for Teaching a Business Communication Course
The Ultimate Guide to Resources for Business Communication Instructors

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Interactive Tests for Instructors

Can Your Business Communication Textbook Pass This Google Test?
Can Your Business Communicaction Textbook Pass This Simple Technology Test?


Instructor Communities

Connect with academic and industry peers from around the world in these Bovée & Thill online communities:

Custom Web Search Tool

Web Search, a search tool, developed by Bovée and Thill, preformats more than 325 types of searches using the web’s most powerful search engines, making it easy to find teaching resources in specific media formats.

The links along the left side of the screen provide direct access to many of these resources as well, along with other items of potential interest to instructors. If you have any questions or suggestions, please be sure to leave a note in the comments.

Bovee & Thill Resources for Adopters Only

Daily business communication news

Our daily news service, Business Communication Headline News, provides carefully selected items of interest for instructors. 

Content updating service

The unique Real-Time Updates content-updating service offers a wealth of material we have personally selected for instructors and students, sorted by media type and textbook chapter.



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