How Does Your Textbook Compare to
Business in Action, 8th Edition?

An Interactive Checklist with Automatic Scoring

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  1. Information design that meets the needs of today’s students, with more than 150 thoughtfully designed Exhibits That Teach—diagrams and quick-reference tables that replace long passages of text to convey essential concepts efficiently and effectively
  1. Concise but with no compromises in essential coverage, including dedicated chapters on employee motivation, customer communication, accounting, financial management, financial markets, and banking
  1. Full implementation of objective-driven learning that makes planning and course management easier for instructors and makes reading, study, and practice easier for students
  1. Information "chunking" that helps students absorb new concepts in small, carefully metered segments before moving on to the next segment
  1. In-chapter checkpoints that let students review material in manageable doses rather than being forced to take in an entire chapter at once
  1. A clean page design that helps students read quickly and with better comprehension, rather than being distracted by decorative elements or fractured page layouts
  1. Clear, straightforward writing with carefully selected examples, no filler or fluff, and a conversational style that conveys professional respect for students and the material
  1. An online study and assessment system such as MyBizLab (, that offers a personalized interactive learning environment in which students can learn at their own pace and measure their progress along the way
  1. Links to more than 125 author-selected online media resources that extend in-chapter discussions
  1. A free online content-updating service that maintains the currency of textbook content and provides you with a steady stream of new examples, lecture materials, and media to enliven your classes (
  1. Marketing coverage that emphasizes the current model of participative and interactive customer communication, rather than the outdated notion of "we talk, you listen" promotion in the old 4 Ps model
  1. Coverage of how the social media revolution has fundamentally changed the relationship between businesses and their customers, empowering customers, knocking down barriers of organization and geography, and giving the best ideas a better chance of reaching the marketplace
  1. Coverage of the emerging concept of unstructured organizations, which promises to change the nature of business management and employment
  1. Comprehensive, four-level coverage of corporate social responsibility
  1. A concise overview of the financial crisis that triggered the Great Recession, including the ethical and regulatory implications of ongoing attempts at banking reform
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