How Does Your Book Compare to Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition?

An Interactive Checklist with Automatic Scoring

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  1. Practical advice for improving workplace conversational skills
  1. A step-by-step method for resolving workplace conflict
  1. A win-win approach for pursuing successful business negotiations
  1. Coverage of the wide range of artificial-intelligence innovations in business communication, presented in nontechnical language to help students prepare for the systems they are likely to encounter in the job search and in the workplace
  1. Thoughtful coverage of the emoji dilemma in contemporary business communication that relates the growth of emojis to the challenges of lean media and gives students practice advice to follow
  1. Fully integrated coverage of the mobile communication revolution that is reshaping business communication, including the necessary changes in how messages should be written and formatted
  1. Discussion and examples of the nine compositional modes needed to use the full range of digital and social media successfully
  1. Practical advice on the business communication applications of social networking (including public and private social networks, user-generated content sites, content curation sites, and community Q&A sites), complete with real-company examples and student writing activities
  1. Comprehensive coverage of the business applications of blogging and microblogging, with multiple examples and practical advice for both formats
  1. More than 70 annotated model documents, ranging from printed letters and reports to websites, blogs, social networking sites, and mobile apps, that help students learn from real-life business examples
  1. Links to dozens of author-selected online media resources that extend in-chapter discussions
  1. A free online content-updating service that maintains the currency of textbook content and provides you with a steady stream of new examples, lecture materials, and media to enliven your classes (
  1. Step-by-step advice for crafting and using an authentic personal brand statement
  1. Innovative treatment of storytelling as a business communication strategy
  1. Detailed advice for creating a compelling LinkedIn profile
  1. Example résumés based on real-life job openings, showing students how to adapt their content and presentation for specific opportunities
  1. Up-to-date advice on interviewing, with in-depth coverage of the interview process and practical tops for succeeding with phone, video, and artificial intelligence-enabled interviews
  1. Detailed coverage of wiki writing and writing for the web, complete with numerous web page examples and student projects
  1. Comprehensive review of media and channel choices, with pros and cons of each combination of medium and channel
  1. Practical advice for using workgroup messaging systems such as Slack
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