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Encouraging Students to Apply Their Skills Now: Resolving Conflict in Teams

Even in the best of circumstances, people will occasionally disagree or rub each other the wrong way. Conflict can be a particular issue in team situations, where people are expected to prioritize team goals over their own individual interests. Conflict can arise for a variety of reasons, from competition for resources to disagreements over goals […]

Encouraging Students to Apply Their Skills Now: Writing Professional-Grade Email

Even as the universe of digital possibilities continues to expand, email remains a primary communication tool for employees in most organizations. Chances are your students aren't accustomed to using email in a manner that meets the expecations of the workplace, but they have multiple opportunities right now to hone their email skills.  Encourage them to consider […]

Encouraging Students to Apply Their Skills Now: Make QA a Routine Part of the Writing Process

When manufacturers produce something, an essential step in the process is quality assurance (QA), a methodical evaluation of the product’s quality relative to its design goals. This is the last chance before the product ships out to customers to make sure it is something the company can be proud of. Encourage students to make QA […]

Encouraging Students to Apply Their Skills Now: Think Now, Write Later

When students get a new assignment, they can be tempted to either dive in immediately so they don’t get into a schedule crunch later or put it off until the last minute—when they will definitely be in a schedule crunch. Not surprisingly, the do-it-later approach isn’t always a successful way to work. Writing under a […]

Encouraging Students to Apply Their Skills Now: Preparing for Difficult Conversations

No one welcomes the prospect of a difficult conversation, whether it’s with a professor, a parent, a spouse, a teammate, or anyone else. Remind students that while they may not be able to change the information that needs to be shared, they can take steps to make the conversation itself less upsetting—and to keep emotions […]