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Intelligent Communication Technology: Social Listening Tools

Every day on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, millions of consumers and business customers rant, rave, brainstorm, offer help, and ask for help. Smart companies recognize that this global chatter is a gold mine of valuable insights, and they use social listening tools to figure out what people are saying about them and […]

Intelligent Communication Technology: The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

As one of the most powerful technologies ever developed, artificial intelligence (AI) is already influencing human life in multiple ways and promises to do so even more in the future. AI is now used in a variety of business communication applications, from message testing to employee recruiting and evaluation. Although many of these developments are […]

Intelligent Communication Technology: The Conundrum of Disruptive Innovation

Preparing students for contemporary workplace practices has been a hallmark of Bovée and Thill textbooks from the beginning, and this emphasis often involves technology. Thirty years ago, our tech coverage involved reminding students to use the high-resolution setting when faxing a résumé. Today, it involves helping them get ready for résumé-reading bots and automated video […]

Intelligent Communication Technology: Finding Meaning in Text Mining

You’ve probably experienced both these frustrations with search engines: You’re not quite sure which terms to use, so you poke around hoping you’ll find something relevant, or you get lots of irrelevant results that happen to include your search terms but have nothing to do with what you are looking for. Text mining, also known […]