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Evidence-Based Advice for Improving Mobile Communication

Jakob Nielsen has long been a respected authority on website usability, and in recent years he has turned his attention to mobile devices. A key benefit of the advice he and his colleagues dispense to clients and readers is extensive usability testing to measure what really works and what doesn't. The book Mobile Usability, which […]

Why Mobile Needs to Be Part of Your Business Communication Course

Chances are your business communication syllabus is already packed as you try to cover everything from business English to a wide range of message types to recent advances in digital and social media. It’s a fair question then: Do you really need to find the time and space to add mobile communication to your course? […]

Job Search Season: Advice to Help Students Maximize Their Mobile Devices

 The mobile business communication revolution is changing how employers recruit new talent—and how job candidates can and should look for opportunities. Mobile Recruiting Is on the Rise Many companies have optimized their careers websites for mobile access, and some have even developed mobile apps that offer everything from background information on what it’s like to […]

The Mobile Revolution: The Parallels with Social Media

As we monitored the emergence of mobile business communication over the past few years, we were struck by the parallels with the rise of social media. These similarities and the documented growth of mobile usage convinced us it was time to integrate mobile in our business communications texts, starting with our editions coming out in […]

How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Business Communication

In our last post, we explored the magnitude of the mobile communication revolution. Now for a quick look at the impact mobile is having on business communication. The rise of mobile has some obvious implications, such as the need for websites to be mobile friendly. Anyone who has tried to browse a conventional website on […]

The Rapid Rise of Mobile Business Communication

As much of a game-changer as social media have been, some experts predict that mobile communication will change the nature of business and business communication even more. Venture capitalist Joe Schoendorf says that “Mobile is the most disruptive technology that I have seen in 48 years in Silicon Valley.” Researcher Maribel Lopez calls mobile “the […]

How Is the Mobile Revolution Affecting Your Business Communication Course?

Many companies are still adjusting to the upheaval triggered by social media, and you may still be adapting your business communication course to social media, too. Are you ready for another disruptive technology? Mobile communication and mobile connectivity are changing the way business communicators plan, create, and distribute messages. Mobile devices are overtaking PCs as […]