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A Great Resource to Help Students Demystify Job-Search Lingo

Identifying the key words and hot-button issues in a profession or an industry can be a challenge for students working on employment-related communication, particularly for younger students with limited work experience. Glassdoor is a free community-participation website that encourages employees and job seekers to post salary information, reviews of their jobs and employers, and information […]

Résumé Writing: Using a Partner to Get Unstuck

Many people find it difficult to write about themselves when preparing a resume, and the importance of having a compelling resume in today’s tough employment market isn’t making the task any easier. Teaming up with a partner to work on each other’s resume can help, particularly on the qualifications summary or other introductory statement, which […]

Employment Communication: Four Essential Steps to Building a Personal Brand

If you teach employment communication and job search strategies as part of the business communication course, personal branding can be a great way to help students understand what they have to offer future employers and how to focus their communication efforts. Even though personal branding is a hot topic these days, more than a few […]