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The Serious Side of Funny: Presentation Tips from a Comedy Super-Agent

In the entertainment industry, the road to success often starts with "the pitch," a brief presentation to a studio executive by a writer, actor, director, or producer (or a team of these people). If the executive is intrigued by the concept, it might be discussed further within the studio, and eventually a decision will be […]

A Fun—and Challenging—Way to Practice Limiting the Scope of a Presentation

Limiting the scope of a presentation, whether it’s to fit the time limit a speaker has been given or simply to deliver a message as efficiently as possible, is a challenge for all speakers. To give your students a fun way to practice this essential skill, consider assigning some pecha-kucha presentations. Pecha-kucha is a style […]

Avoiding "Death by PowerPoint" with Free-Form Slide Designs

Anyone who has suffered through a barrage of bullet points in a tedious presentation is likely to welcome the more creative style of slide design advocated by presentation specialists such as Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds. Structured versus Free-Form The PowerPoint slides you can download from the link above show the difference between conventional, bullet […]